lat-groups - The lazy administrator's tool to create groups and to add members to it.


Creates or deletes groups on Mitel's SME servers (5.x/6.x). This tool is functionally equivalent to the 'groups' option in the server-manager, but can be run from the command line or called from an other script. It allows you, for example, to add a large number of accounts to a group, or delete groups on a remote machine via an ssh console.

See /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools/example.groups for the format of the input file.


lat-groups -a [-n] -c ``group | descr. | gid | user1| user2''

lat-groups -a [-n] -i /path/to/groups.list

lat-groups -r [-f] -c ``group | user1 | user2''

lat-groups -d [-f] -c ``group''

lat-groups -d [-f] -i /path/to/groups.list


The following options are supported:

-a, --add
Add a group to the server, or add users to an existing group.

-c ``Arguments'', --command-line=``Aruments''
Take arguments from the command line. See the 'Arguments' section below for the various arguments that are accepted.

-d, --delete
Delete a group from the server. Wildcards (* and ?) are accepted.

-f, --force
Don't prompt before deleting.

-h, --help
Extended help for this tool

-i FILE, --input-file=FILE
Use the information from FILE to create or delete the group(s). See /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools for an example of an input file.

-n, --no-admin
Do not add 'admin' and 'www' as users to this group. Remove them if they are already member of this group.

Default behaviour on SME is to add both users to any group, thus limiting the number of groups on the server to 28. Note, however, that SME is very persistent with this 'feature'. Each time you add or remove a user via the server-manager, both 'admin' and 'www' are added again.

-r, --remove-users
Remove users from this group. Wildcards (* and ?) are accepted for the groupname.


   group*     : Must contain only lower-case letters, numbers,
                hyphens, periods and underscores, and should
                start with a lower-case letter. Wildcards (* and ?)
                can only be used to delete groups.
   descr.     : Free-text description of the group
   gid        : Group ID. If omitted, a suitable gid will be generated.
   member(s)  : Username of a member of the group. Must be an
                existing account on the server.
   * mandatory field


lat-groups -a -c ``hogwarts | School of Witchcraft | | harry | hermione''

Creates group 'hogwarts' with users 'harry' and 'hermione'.

lat-groups -a -i /root/griffindor.list

Creates the groups defined in /root/griffindor.list. Refer to /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools/example.groups for an example of an input file.

lat-groups -a -n -i /root/griffindor.list

Creates the groups defined in /root/griffindor.list. The users 'admin' and 'www' are *not* added to the group.

lat-groups -d -f -c ``class*''

Deletes all groups whose name start with 'class'. All groups are deleted without prompting (-f).

lat-groups -r -f -c `` * | admin | www''

Removes users 'admin' and 'www' from all groups on the system. Don't prompt before removing.

lat-groups -a -c ``quidditch | Different ball game | 7005''

Creates group 'quidditch' with group ID 7005.


lat-users(8), lat-pseudonyms(8), lat-ibays(8), lat-quota(8), lat-domains(8), lat-hosts(8), lat-procmail(8), lat-pptp(8), lat-dump(8)


Version 0.9.0 (2004-09-08). The latest version is hosted at


(c)2003-2004, Altiplano bvba ( Released under the terms of the GNU license.


Please report bugs to <Bugs@Altiplano.Be>